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Archived News 2016

25 December 2016

Santa Claus gave us some fine mats for the ringing chamber, to protect the ropes from bashing the floor. 

23 December 2016

The Stoke Fleming tower project was front page news on today's Ringing World.  The article describes the rehanging and augmentation project over a 3-page spread.


See link below to download the full article

Ringing World article - 23 Dec 16
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9-11 December 2016

The bellringers tree at the Stoke Fleming Christmas Tree Festival had the theme "Celebrate!"


Now's the time to celebrate
The newest peal of eight in Devon

13 November 2016

The flag was flying on the tower roof on Remembrance Sunday, and the bells were rung, half-muffled for the first time, before the service

9 October 2016

The Right Reverend Nick McKinnel, Bishop of Plymouth came to St Peter's this afternoon to rededicate the rehung bells.  In a symbolic ceremony, Alan Hughes presented a bell rope to the Bishop, who passed it on to Rev Alison Shaw, Rector of St Peter's, who in turn gave it to Churchwarden and Tower Captain, John Dietz. 


The local bell ringers rang the bells before the service, and there was open ringing for visiting ringers as well as the home team afterwards.  It was estimated that over 100 people attended the service.  Excellent teas with delicious cakes were provided after the service by a hard-working team from the Mothers' Union.  For more photographs of the rededication service see Gallery.

27 September 2016

A handrail has been installed on the spiral staircase to the ringing chamber and the steps leading to the tower door.  Thanks to Phil from Riverside Engineering.

20 September 2016

We have had a booklet published about the History of St Peter's Tower, covering its life from first building in 13th century to the present day and the recent renovation. It also covers the architecture and interesting features inside and out and the people who have used it and maintained it over the years. The text was researched and written by Joslin Landell-Mills. A copy can be downloaded from this site (click HERE) or can be obtained in the church, or Send an E-mail to request a copy (don't forget your name and address).

18 August 2016

A small group from the village went to the Cumbria Clock Company's workshops near Crediton to see our clock being cleaned and oiled, and the dial - repainted and re-gilded - ready to return next week.  An interesting visit.

The group included long-standing village resident Eric Pengelly, who is a great supporter of the clock, as well as members of the Friends of St Peter's, who paid for this work, and some from the bell-ringing team.


See Gallery for more photographs.

15 August 2015

The  bells were rung for the first time after re-hanging tonight, when a full practice was held.  Some 20 ringers attended: all the regular ringers from Stoke Fleming, our bell-hanger, Neil, from Whitechapel Bell Foundry, and several other supportive local ringers by special invitation.


It was a very successful evening: the bells go very well, and sound good and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening.  Celebrations continued at The Green Dragon afterwards.

13 August 2016

The bells are now ready for ringing after their renovation and re-hanging.  As part of the project the ring has been augmented from 6 bells to 8 bells.  The first trial practice will be on Monday 15 August after which, all being well, the installation will be handed back to us by Whitechapel Bell Foundry and normal ringing can resume.  See Ringing in St Peter's for details of practice times and Sunday service ringing.  Visitors are welcome but please contact Tower Captain first - space in the tower is limited.


Some redecoration in the Ringing Chamber is still required.

5 August 2016

The Dartmouth Chronicle published an article to support some old photographs of Stoke Fleming bell ringers in their series "Delving into the Past".


The most recent of these pictures feature our current Tower Captain, John Dietz, in his youth.


We are interested in finding out more about the ringers featured in the photographs - if you have any information please contact us.


The article can be downloaded here

2 August 2016

It was a day for photo calls, with the church "open to visitors" to see the bells on the ground floor before installation.  Around 50 visitors took advantage of the opportunity, both locals and those on holiday.  It was good to see them.

The Whitechapel Bell Foundry Team:            Tower Renovation Project Team:

             Neil, Ian and Peter                        John Dietz , Rosemary Minshall,

                                                                John Harrow, Rosemary Shiffner,

                                                                Peter Bailey, Anne Bailey         

The bell ringing team of 2016, with their renovated bells.

L to R:  Peter Bailey, Nick Teage, Richard Stramik, Chris Prendergast, Margaret Davey, Robert Dietz, Rosemary Shiffner, John Dietz, Jan Dietz, Anne Bailey

2 August 2016

The Tower Project was featured in a live interview on Radio Devon. Go to and scroll to 1hr 27 min into the broadcast.  Tower Captain John was interviewed by Richard Green for the Simon Bates morning show.

29 July 2016

In preparation for our bells coming back, including the 2 additional bells, the team went to an 8-bell tower last night: St Mary's at Wolborough, near Newton Abbot. A very useful exercise, but we'll need a bit more practice!

26 July 2016

While preparing the ringing chamber for re-decoration, Elliotts removed a small asbestos panel on the east wall, and found a deep recess and a blocked up window.  It is thought that this window was blocked during the church restoration in 1871-2 when the main roof was replaced.  From the outside, evidence of a red sandstone window surround is visible behind the ridge of the roof.

18 July 2016

Children from years 3 & 4 from the Stoke Fleming School have presented us with a "time capsule" to be hidden in the tower when we replace the bottles from 1874 and 1915, and add another one giving details of the 2016 renovation.  For more information about the time capsules already found see History

29 April 2016

The bellringing team has been ringing together, and keeping up the practice whilst our bells are out of action, by visiting other local towers on a Thursday evening.  Over the last few weeks we have been to Dodbrooke, Broadhempston, Malborough, Collaton St Mary, Salcombe and St Petrox at Dartmouth Castle.  Nothing like different bells to keep you on your toes and broaden your experience.  Thank you John for organising these visits.

19 March 2016

The bells and frame have now been removed from the tower and taken to Whitechapel Bell Foundry for renovation and turning, and for a new frame to be built.  We expect all to return for re-installation towards the end of July.  Click here for some pictures of the bell removal.

17 March 2016

The bells and the frame are now all downstairs in the main part of the church.  We had a "mini-open day" so that people from the village could come to see the bells - the first time they had been out of the tower since 1928.  Two groups of children and teachers from Stoke Fleming Primary School came to see them and had a talk about the bells and their history, bellringing and the project

8 February 2016

Building work for renovation project started in earnest today.  See Project Progress for news until completion.

7 February 2016

The team had their final ring on 6 bells this morning, for Sunday service.  The bells will now be silent until the project is completed.

4 February 2016

The last bell ringing practice before the work starts.


L to R:  Peter Bailey, Anne Bailey, John Dietz, Robert Dietz, Joy Howick, Richard Stramik, Judith Barnes, Nick Teage, Margaret Davey, Bob Parnell.


Thanks to everyone for coming

19 January 2016

The project has started with the removal of the tower clock.  See Project Progress for more information.  The work on the clock has been paid for by Friends of St Peter's.

10 January 2016

A photo call was held for all the current and former clock winders still in the area.  L to R: Richard Stramik, Peter Bailey, Colin Elliott, Laurence Gee, Denis Foreman, Andy Pound,  John Dietz, Robert Dietz, Nick Teage, David Norman.


FOSP has paid £7,000 into the Tower Fund to cover the deposit to Cumbria Clock Company.